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How The Girl Fell For Me

I have had the chance to date really lots of pretty girls and I just want to tell you how I did turn a pretty girl around to love me like she wouldn’t even love herself or should I say – want me.
Have you ever wondered about how to get a girl to fall madly in love with you? This simple strategy worked for me and would work for you also if you apply them wisely.

Have you been frustrated before by a pretty girl??

I mean when you just want to get her attracted and she just seems to be puling away? Some girls could be easy while other could be pretty really hard to get but if you follow my steps and strategy, you will likely find success at all time.
I was walking down the street when I met her – The pretty girl that fell madly in love with me – Now, most times the streets are the simplest and easiest place to meet girls, if you really look around you will find lots of pretty girls around you. Some guys keep going after the girls they can’t actually get while leaving out the many in their immediate environment.

While it is a bit awkward a times to date someone in your immediate environment, it is surely you best option.
Most of the girls I have dated are either some girl I met in the office or a school mate and then some I met in a party or some event. I haven’t really dated someone I met on the internet or a dating sites.
So I said ‘Hello,’ and she turned around and greeted. She wasn’t the prettiest of all the girls I have dated but she got really sexy looks.

I didn’t respond to her greeting instantly, I had to really appear calm – like I was not really desperate, like I don’t really care about her looks. Most guys make the most mistakes at the first stage.

They tend to appease her instantly by throwing off compliments with wild smiles giving her the impression that they are very excited which is very wrong to my knowledge.

‘How are you,’ I finally said, ‘fine, do you know me before’ she threw back at me, and I said yes,
I think I met you during the second world war while you were fighting beside Adolf Hitler (This can only come from a confident guy). This kind of statement would help you close out the introduction part and commence with more interesting conversation – she wouldn’t likely respond to it, she would be thinking…

You just sounded different from the other guys they bore her all days with talks of how pretty she looks and how they would really want her to give then a chance – like some kind of a fan.

Now, she wondered if I knew her before because I was talking like I did know her before, I wasn’t freaking out or wrapped up in awe which is often geared up by the uncertainty in our subconscious that we might yet lose another girl or say the wrong thing or make the wrong move.

I Had to talk confidently like I have a lot to offer her. Have I told you before that confidence alone gets you more girls than looks, well it really does.

So I asked about her name and she said Jane then the rest happened.

Fast-forward to two weeks later – she visited me at home surprisingly – I wasn’t expecting her when she showed up, guess what I did; grab her with two hands and say ‘I am so happy to see you?’ No way.

What would you have done if you were in my position? She brought herself to me but it is still possible to lose her at this stage, I could turn her off if I rush to grab her with two hands.

I had to wait, to brew her passion to a certain height where it would literally explode at me. That night, we had little fun. But come to think of it, why did you think she showed up at my door unannounced? How did I rock her mind to lose her will-power and self control?

I followed the simple techniques I have been teaching for a whole long while – Be the man, learn self control, don’t call and send millions of text messages in a day

  • Don’t answer every time she calls, play a lil bit of hard to get, it wouldn’t hurt.
  • Find out more on how you can Get Girls Jealous and make them fight to keep you
  • Or Just learn to Attract Girls.
  • Something better is ahead…
  • Dave Anan