Your mate ended things and left you out in the cold. Maybe you wronged them or they aren’t that into you anymore. This happens all around the world all the time.

You want them back. Well, it can be done.

How to get them back depends on why you broke up. If you wronged them, you need a different strategy than if they just aren’t that into you anymore.

If you can understand this one key issue, it can make all the difference in getting your ex back. They used to have positive feelings towards you. Now, those positive feelings have been replaced by negative ones like betrayal or sadness or anger.

Yes that sounds too obvious, but it is important.

They have bad feelings filling up their heart towards you. To get them back you must help them to change these negative emotions. Can you?

Yes! You don’t have to be a trained counselor to work with people’s feelings effectively. You can help your ex to change their negative feelings.

There are many methods for accomplishing this.

One main method you have already done. It’s called venting. You meet a buddy after work and vent about your job or hard day. After a few minutes, you start feeling better. You have gotten the bad feelings “off your chest.”

You can use this same method to help get your ex back. Instead of apologizing and fast talking to get them back, listen to them! Ask them how they feel about what went wrong and then let them vent!
When they start talking, make them feel heard and understood. Do not argue or justify. Listen until they have vented the force of all those negative emotions. A few sessions of being a good listener can help your ex to release their bad feelings and consider taking you back.

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