How to date inexperienced guys? pretty girls find it difficult blending with an inexperienced guy, I must admit it is difficult dating clueless guys, they want you to do the chasing and hope you kiss them without asking, sometimes you just wished they kissed you but they never did.

They just stare like bulls lost in the forest. with their almost dumb attitude, but most of them are very handsome just that they know very little about how to threat a pretty girl.

U wish to change few things about them but you haven’t done just that, you don’t even know where to start, I can relate.The situation could be so annoying but it could be handled. here is five hot tips to dating inexperienced guys1.

Learn to communicate…bring it on, Let’s get on the same page here

…if you love the guy, the only thing to do is to coach him or motivate him, some guys are just clueless and you just don’t need to ditch him because he just haven’t done it right. talk to him, OK I know you won’t just walk up to him and say “kiss me” but of course that wouldn’t look absurd. Girls want guys to always pull the trigger.

2.Assure him that you love him, most guys that acts inexperienced are simply insecure…they are scared you would leave if they said the wrong thing or made the wrong move so make them comfortable when next time you get talking – how? by not acting weird on getting angry suddenly.

3. Get closer but not too close, many girls are dealing with guys with zero knowledge of how to romance a lady or what really makes women happy. If your guys is always mute and acts very little – make the first fain move, learn to peck him on the cheap, that is close but not too close, it is an invitation for a kiss, or better still stay longer with the peck.

4. Seduce him…dating inexperienced guys in a relationship involve the application of simple steps that wouldn’t pass you off as a hungry bitch…seduction is the act of enticing people with something they hunger after. it is a common combo in the field of dating. Talk into his right ear, lean close to him, then walk away and seat apart.

5. Get him jealous…If you are dating inexperienced guys and hoping to get him to sit up, learn to bring another guy into the picture.There are several issues about clueless guys. To get a personalized answer, Ask the Dating Coach – Dating Inexperienced GuysOne last tips for pretty girls dealing with clueless guys. – give him a link to our website. tell him you found a site for guy either through facebook message or verbal communication the site is

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