Experiencing break up is normal part of our daily living. Even the most experienced individual in the lovelife industry still gets heartbroken on occasion and often tend to ask the same question to themselves; “What went wrong?

Where did I go wrong?”

Though these unfortunate individuals ask such queries to those around them and or to themselves, they still end up finding no answer at the end of the day. Some people are lucky enough to hear positive response from their friends helping them to understand their situation and accept what is happening.

However, not everyone accept the truth about being not the top priority of their ex lovers and do moves to win back their ex disregarding the small possibility of being successful. Knowing this, one would wonder how they are able to pull it off despite the odds that are against them.

Analyzing the ideas about winning back an ex, it is a must to understand that the chances of being successful depends how the break up happens so that it would be easier to approach the different scenario. This may appear to be quite complex but if we are to simplify it, it is actually trivial and any thinking person should be able to figure it out.

For one, break ups happen for a reason and most of the time

it is because of lack of love and or care and if we are to define what lack of love means, it is actually synonymous to the state of not being taken cared of, being taken for granted, being disrespected and or abused and the list could go on but basically, the idea remains the same: The other person is denied of his or her needs.

One should know that it is essential for a person’s needs to be provided with because it is vital to the person’s survival and once he or she is denied of this by a certain source, he or she would normally tend to look for it somewhere else or from someone else.

This one is also true in terms of relationships. If the needs can not be provided, he or she will be looking for it in different places and from different people.

This is not to disapprove the concept of love being unconditional and all but then again, humans are frail and are not divine and they behave according on what their mind tells them to do based on the environmental conditions. So the basic thing to do to win back an ex is to provide what he or she is looking for.

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