But read through these tips and then see how many people actually use their common sense when going on a first date.

Be on time. It is very annoying to have to wait for someone, especially if you don’t know the person you are waiting for. You will be looking around, wondering whether that person has already turned up, or worse, has left without even meeting you.

Let your date know that you are delayed as soon as possible and apologise when you do arrive. If you have to cancel the date, call them in good time and re-arrange the date.

Be yourself and relax. People will see through it when you put on an act and you will surely ruin your chances with your date. If you are comfortable, the atmosphere around you will feel more comfortable and your date will feel more at ease.

This sounds easier than it is, most people will be uncertain about part of their being. But if you remember that most people have that feeling, ten-to-one that the person opposite you feels the same.

Dress for the occasion.

Dress to impress but don’t scare them. They’ve already taken an interest in you; so don’t turn up looking like someone else. Look good, but feel comfortable. Always arrive well groomed and take this into account when you are arranging the date. Rushing to a meeting from work all hot and dishevelled is not the best way to begin. But, if there is no other way, freshen up before you meet and ‘catch your breath’. Take a few minutes to calm down, compose yourself and relax before you approach your date. It will be well worth it.

Give your date a compliment and mean it. There is nothing worse than receiving a compliment when you know it’s not meant. Say something like that they look better in real life than on the photo (as that is normally the case anyway).

Be polite and show courtesy.

Don’t try to offend people with sick remarks or impatient behaviour. Show respect for and towards your date and treat your date as you would wish to be treated. If you are a smoker asks your date whether it is ok to smoke and don’t blow smoke in their face.

Show interest in the conversation.

In order to do that, you can try to establish a common interest early on, so you can both talk with equal enthusiasm about it e.g. a country you’ve both visited, favourite movies or a hobby. Be enthusiastic and positive.

Try to be a good listener.

If you listen carefully, it is much easier to help the conversation along then when you try and figure out what to say next when the other is talking. Simply listen, and the conversation will flow. Don’t ask too many personal questions as this will come across as an interrogation and will make your date feel as though they are at a job interview.

Avoid talking about yourself too much. Don’t spoil the evening by going over all your ex partners, lost loves or dead pets. It will soon become boring and your date will think you’re just looking for a shoulder to cry on. Ask questions about them and talk about yourself when it’s relevant. They’ll find you much more interesting if your show an interest in them. And don’t propose marriage or kids! That is bound to be a conversation stopper.

Show positive body language. Keep an open posture and sit up right in stead of slouched or hunched. Look your date in the eye when you tell a story and listen attentively. Smile when appropriate. If you sit back with your arms crossed and a bored look on your face (maybe when you don’t even mean to do so!), the night will not be an enjoyment.

Choose your food with care. Don’t choose something you’ve never eaten before. If you don’t like it and have to leave half it won’t make a great impression. Don’t choose something that your date might not approve of, like snails or liver. Also asks before meeting whether your date is vegetarian. You might want to choose your menu with more care.

Try and choose something that has a reasonable neutral taste.

Garlic mushrooms and Curry Vindaloo might not be the best choices unless your date joins in. Spinach and ribs might also be dubious choices. Before you arrange a restaurant, ask your date about his/her preferences. If in any doubt, choose a restaurant with a mixed menu.

Don’t eat too fast and don’t eat with your mouth open.

If you share the side dishes, ask before you polish off the potatoes or the custard. Never stuff yourself completely. Don’t go to an ‘All you can Eat’-place for your first date. It might be too tempting to have another round and food might take over from the actual subject of the evening: your date.

Make sure your mobile phone is turned off. Nothing is more annoying then having to wait on someone finishing a phone call before you can continue the conversation. It makes it appear as if your phone call is more important than the conversation with the person in front of you. If you are waiting on an important business phone call, explain to your date why you have the phone switched and switch it off as soon as you have received that call.

Be reliable. If you say your were going to call, call.