If you are going out on a date with a particular man, you may tend to over exert yourself when sorting the guy out. Men are typically not at all complicated to read when going out on a date.

It’s not to say that they stupid or dumb but rather they tend to be very direct and takes things one at a time. Men are also typically lack the sensitivity that women has when dealing with the opposite sex.
Another way of saying it is that they are very straight forward when going out on a date although there are indeed times when they may hide a couple of things inside him.

Given this fact, these things can all be considered as secrets of men that many women tend to overlook. The thing is that there are times that men actually like women who are aware of this particular aspect about them but it’s not like they’ll readily open this up to you in most cases.

This is because they are more likely to dismiss these things and just carry on like it’s nothing at all.

However, these secrets are indeed real and you can see this for yourself.

here’s nothing really complicated when it comes to deciphering the feelings of a man and presents a significant contrast to women who will often prefer conceal their feelings by doing the exact opposite of it just to make things interesting.

If a man expresses an interest on you, then chances are that he is genuinely interested. You can easily tell by the way they talk, act and look at you and it’s rare for a man to fake any of these things during a date.

Guys are not that attuned to playing games. In fact, men are not as proficient with words compared to women and this is apparent in their very straight forward way of talking.

There may be exceptions to this though and you’ll find yourself deciphering their words in order to determine what it is they are actually trying to say but overall, men certainly are not the type to play around with such things.
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