This is about how to break up with a girl without hurting her feelings…, Do you think it is ever possible to ditch a girl without hurting her feelings?OK This is it, Presently I am dating this funny, sharp girl. And this is not about her.I broke up with my ex girlfriend like a month back because I sort of can’t put up with her clingy attitude.(It was inappropriate and sudden but it is the only option i had)

I am 20 and she is 20 too, we started off and the going was great until she became desperately needy, we never had sex but we did often play around after which I needed my space but she was the always calling, always texting type and really;

I just wasn’t as attracted to her as I needed to be. And I wasn’t also reciprocating her kind gestures.Breaking up became inevitable when she started coming to my house every other minute and asking about me, playing with my sisters.

That was me ex. Fast-forward to the new girl. last night, I received a mail from her in which she tells me that she really wants us to be together and also told me that I can get sex from her if I just ask.I kinda can’t put up with this kind of commitments.

These mail completely turned me off, I don’t know if it is pretty bad I get to leave girls when they become too desperate, is it just like that with every other girl? I will definitely pass up her offer but I don’t know how to do that in A rather mild way without hurting her pretty bad. thanks for the help

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