A break up is difficult to go through; are you wondering why you both could not just get a long like you used to when you first met? We all look back at the way the relationship used to be; however no matter who you are you should know that it is possible to fix the relationship if that is what you choose to do.

Before you can begin taking the action to win them back you have to stand strong;

get over the grief and then you can begin taking the necessary action to win them back. No matter what you want to believe chances are you will never be able to win them back by being irrational and showing signs of desperation.

Getting back ex is a tricky business. Some people weren’t so successful about it because they commit mistakes that spell the doom of the possibility of reconciliation. One wrong move and you’ll risk losing your ex forever. That’s why it is important that you do things correctly.

The early stages of the break up are the most important. What we mean is that you need to give your ex some space before you begin trying to get them back. Give them a chance to let them miss you. In general what may happen is that your ex may begin trying to win you back. We all know that as a society we usually want what you can not have.

You are going to realize that the only way to accomplish this is to stop all communication.

No more sending him that daily text that you used to send him. Do not even think about leaving him any type of voicemails because you want to hear his voice. In fact do everything that you can to avoid the places that you both used to hang out. If he does not see you then he will only begin missing you and who knows maybe he will come searching to find you.

Remember to avoid looking desperate as he is not going to want to get back together with someone who shows desperation. As a society both men and women are attracted to the opposite sex who show signs of confidence and have a high self esteem.

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