Getting a girl to like you is not easy. In fact, most guys have NO CLUE how to do it. But I’m here to give you my best tips. If you apply these tips, you will make a girl go CRAZY over you. All you have to do is apply these tips.

1) First, always be seen interacting and flirting with other girls.

Most men think that women reason the same way as men do. They think if the girl they like sees them interacting with other women, that she will be jealous. Actually, the opposite is true. Women do not think the same way men do.

A women is automatically going to be intrigued if she sees you interacting with other women. It is simply in their genes. It’s called herd mentality. They just go for the guy who is surrounded by other women. They don’t ask why and how, they just follow the herd.

2) Now you show her that she is special by paying attention only to her

No, this doesn’t mean to ignore everyone else and show her in front of everybody that you are immediately focused only on her. The previous advice I gave you still stands. You still have to be seen with other women. But, sooner or later, you will be interacting only with the girl you like. Now, this is where you show her that you can be focused only on her. Listen to every word she says while looking deeply into her eyes. Show interest and notice only her for those moments. Let your energy be immersed with hers.

You have to spend some of the time talking to, befriending and flirting with other girls, in her sight… While when you are with her, you are with her a 1000%. A lot of guys get the combination wrong.

It is also important to balance these two teachings. Average nice guys try too hard when paying attention to her. It comes off as fake and desperate. They seem as they have nothing outside of her, no life. And most of the time, they aren’t interacting with other girls. They think that it will turn her off. So, get a life that will not involve her. Be independent. Combine those two teachings.

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