People are different and so are girls. Every girl has unique qualities and means of getting them. However, there are basic tenets you must follow that can enable you to get any girl you want to be your girlfriend. These techniques have been used for years and have worked for many guys. They can work for you too. Your approach of a girl could be your undoing and you need to work on that.

If the girl you want is the one you usually meet in the streets, you should not just go and start talking to her as if you are old friends. Give her time to notice you. You could start by greeting her with a smile on your face each time you meet her and then pass. Do that the next time and see if there are any signs that her response has changed. If she greets you first the next time, then you will know that she has finally noticed you.

The next time you meet, you could pretend you are looking for something and maybe she could show you.

Observe the way she looks at you with those pretty eyes and her tone of voice. I know, it will be hard to observe all these things when she is so close and the fragrance coming from her is bewitching, but don’t rush. All that could be yours, if you take it slow. If, on the other hand, she is in a hurry, cut short the conversation and move on. She could be in a hurry and you are holding her up. There will be plenty of time for more conversation.

The next time you meet this girl, you could try to set a date with her. You could invite her for a cup of coffee in a caf, or you could ask her out for dinner. If she is interested, she will say “yes” . If she says “no” she is probably too busy or genuinely engaged on those occasions or she is really not interested in going out with you. Either way, take in good stride and move on.

If she accepts to go out, you should practice to make conversation.

It would be a shame to finally get a date with the gorgeous girl only to have nothing good to say. Keep the conversation simple and try to find out her interests without asking too many questions. Try to use humor and get her to laugh.

I hope I have managed to get you hooked up with a girlfriend!

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