If you just saw your ex girlfriend with someone else then you must feel pretty bad right now. This goes double if you want her back. Does this mean that she is now happier and you can’t undo the break up? It doesn’t have to be so. You see, relationships on the rebounds rarely end up well. Why do you think this is? The thing is that not much time has passed for your girlfriend to be over the break up. Hence, there are a lot of things that she still hasn’t analyzed. She’s just trying to forget by going out with someone else. Sooner or later, she will have to face up to those feelings. When that happens, the new relationship will suffer. So you don’t have to spend time thinking about your ex girlfriend with someone else. In fact, you could say it’s normal.

Women would usually shift from one relationship to another without any breathing time.

What you must know is that being confrontational with the new guy is not a good thing. Keep in mind that he isn’t the villain here. What you should be is supportive once you find that your ex girlfriend with someone else. Being rude to the new guy would just turn her off and make it unlikely that you’ll get her back.

So what options do you have when you glimpse your ex girlfriend with someone else?

Take on the roll of the supportive guy friend. During this time, you might also try focusing on other things in life. You can opt to improve your life by doing various tasks like signing up for a gym or stepping up on your career. This will not only help your self esteem but stop you from wallowing on your ex girlfriend. This will help you out as your girlfriend will look at you and see a better guy.

Your confidence combined with her issues about the recent break up will slowly bring her back to you.

Savor the moments of flirting and dating. Hence, you shouldn’t be too worried if you find out that your ex girlfriend with someone else. That doesn’t mean that you will never get her back. Just let the relationship on the rebound decline naturally as you sit back and relax. Develop yourself into the best guy possible and she will eventually want you again.

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